Used Cars Lowell MA

used cars lowell maBig Mike’s Auto Sales – keeps a small inventory of premium used cars, trucks and vans. One of our suppliers are the areas largest used van re-seller. They sell more vans than any other used car dealer in Massachusetts.

Big Mike’s has access to 100’s of used vans and trucks that have just come off lease every month. Call to pre-order your next work truck or van. We sell for 1000.00’s less than other car dealers because our costs are less.

We have exclusive access to these well maintained vehicles coming in off lease, few other Massachusetts dealers have this distinction. The majority of the offerings here cost below $5000.00.

If you need help selling your car, or shipping a car give us a call for more information, or visit the appropriate page here on our website.

Here At Big Mike’s Auto Sales We Believe Car Shopping Should Be Fun!

Take your time while searching for your next pre-owned vehicle, and remember it is important to have it inspected by a professional. If you decide what you are going to spend ahead of time, it should relieve some of the normal anxiety and stress that often accompanies buying an automobile.

Besides being necessary to get you from point A to point B, remember automobiles have many other uses, and to consider all your needs before purchasing. Have some fun while picking out your next piece of transportation, and we hope to see you on your next test drive.

Local Used Car Dealers

There are fifteen used car dealers in Lowell MA. All of these dealers are buying cars from local auctions like the Lynnway Auto Auction in Billerica MA. And from ADESA Auto Auctions in Framingham and Concord MA. They also buy cars traded in at area new car dealerships and rental companies.

You will find these dealers offer a wide range of pre owned vehicles to choose from. Whether your looking for a truck or van for work, a commuter car, or something a little sexier, you will find these local used automobile dealers have what you need, all in your own backyard.

Buying a car here in Massachusetts and not going up to the bordering New Hampshire Towns will provide you some recourse if your purchase has issues. There is no Lemon-aid Law in New Hampshire. Buying a pre owned car in Massachusetts offers some protection, your car has to be able to get an inspection sticker just to mention one of them.

Vehicles Usually in Stock

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